Light brings us back in the forest…

Where the trees, they teach us Patience

When everything becomes way too much…

I consult the words of the leaves

And if I have to, I will wait forever,

until I reach where I am headed

But while I am here, 

I will carry words into books like this…

A Quill Of Ancient Silence“

Philipopolis, Plovdiv, Photograph: Vicky

And then, I will remember this Life is nothing

but a dance for a Soul untamed…

Here, I Gathered Words

I lived through my Heart

And trees, they are my family,

a family I can’t leave

I watched flowers for hours

`till I was born inside their art

I Lettered, I prayed and Believed…

Vintage letters @ Vintage House, Plovdiv

Lost all my hopes in between

Then I remembered

all the places I’ve been

I Opened A Window, Let the Wisdom of Yellow In

Beskidy Mountain, Photography: David, Art Photo Grajek

In time,

„Letters In Soliloquy, Where It’s You & Me“

came into being. They traveled where I could not be…

Photography: Ivan Stankov, Rila Mountain


I tried to write the Book of my Life,

I looked for the rivers inside disbelief…

Green Bulgaria, Stryama river
Photography by Lychezar Kolev

Green Bulgaria, Stryama river, Svetlina

Green days, Bulgaria, Stryama river
Photography by Lychezar Kolev
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