Until A Diamond Spirit is Born

              A Short Contemplation On Creativity

You & The Stream

                When you create, you are like a tiny stone inside a stream in the mountain. The tiredness, lack of sleep, the tiny injustices can only pass by as if they aren’t there. And you, melting inside Bliss, you don’t want to stop the flow. That cannot be felt if you commit crimes against your talents and refuse to develop them, though.

              Cannot be felt while you speak of motivation rather than Inspiration, about a career instead of the Joy derived from your labor, no. This blissful splendor is not being given if you play on behalf of the team of frantic ones, the grumpy ones, the victims, the unjustified ones, the jealous ones or the envious. 

           It’s being given if you love them and send them strength in your thoughts, an invitation for them to recognize themselves, for they are also tiny stones inside the Stream. Because you were each one of them in a certain moment, And you are still a Human, you are not insured against inertia, while you are looking for the upward spiral of Life. 

          One day you will look back. You will look with Mercy and Love towards the best version of the creative stone you used to be, and you will smile, for it was only the beginning. Aside from polishing the tiny stone, you also have to polish Life with the strings of your Soul, until your magnificent Diamond spirit is born. How beautiful! Do not stop the stream. Each tiny stone is very important for all of us.

              A Note

            Now if you look at my words with open eyes and open heart, you will shake off the critic in you, you will want to become the tiny stone again. I hope the letters on this website bring you back, even for just a moment, to what we really need in this world. More than ever before.

                 Creativity heals the Soul, strengthens it. It fills it and empties it. Make no mistake. I do not speak about the messy Creativity, I speak of the Creativity which is unforced, real and tamed only through the stream of Love. It still remains untamed but somehow I am always capable to see through creativeness which is egoistic or untrue compared to the one which is simply flowing and watering the fields. 


Svetlina Trifonova

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