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               No thought that was ever thought in this world has been lost. There are thoughts that we cannot bend enough to fit through language; they cannot be communicated, because language is a system, like any system – limited in individual experience.

            This is why truths are not transferred – there can be only nuances of a truth, leads and signs and no matter how much we communicate – truths are to be experienced. Everything and every thought is in a potential state until it is being brought into existence and called to action.

                  This is why imagination is key to unlocking realities and truths. This is why thoughts are equal to actions and the separation of thoughts from hard matter is an illusion, that used to work as a protective shield. Now as there is a critical mass that accepts this reality, we can unlock the next key to a nuance of the truth of existence.

The Essence Is Always In the Gaps

                 Practically everything exists simultaneously on all levels (we don’t know the levels, psyche protects itself as this would be damaging) in all shape, form, sound, sign and thought. The essence is always in the gaps that occur due to our linear perceptions, the essence of Life is in the existence overlooked.

                The only freedom can be found in the silence of the present moment and this is why all teachings point to the moment – the experience we are scared to face as we realize it is not a matter of control, concept or analysis of any sort. Our experiences are vast and we, as humans, are a thought as well.

                  The vastness of our experience depends on developing senses beyond what we agree that senses actually are; but in the common reality we seem to try to fit everything into one-size-fits-all, we naively tailor the truths, so that they are digestible by us as a mass, while each and every one of us experiences a different reality and the outside world is nothing, but the playground, the decor to sustain the illusion. It changes so slowly or so fast, that we cannot notice it, because we (again, we) don’t doubt it. Since everyone of us exists in a different reality, all paradoxes are not polar opposites, but compliant in terms of existence.

Svetlina Trifonova

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