The One Who Understands Without Words

      ….And I believe you mostly understood me without words, without explanations,
without overcompensation and I believe it takes great courage to let someone in completely.
Knowing deep within yourself that any damage will be worthwhile, trusting if there is damage, it will be worth it. Indeed, how love expanded greatly was worth it. Each sacrifice we made was sacred.

I believe this is the only way a heart can learn.

I don’t believe there are broken hearts, there are only unopened hearts, inactivated hearts.

        Because people are so afraid to love that they choose to love superficially. Be still. The one who understands, understands always.
In the hardest choices, he shall understand and forgive, as long as it takes, as long as it needs.
The loner is sometimes more in love than the one deep into the explanation of his love.
Solitude is in truth made of love. For the one alone merges with the higher realms and sends his love through the whole Universe, he’s not cheap with love. He makes no calculations. He doesn’t play small and unimportant anymore. This is the beauty of meeting a warrior.

He fights no unnecessary battles. He knows this world is way too old, but he is a newborn baby every day.
He gives birth to stars, much like our Creator…

He creates in his love, and more Love showers his creations.

I was blessed to meet you. And we are blessed with redemption, forgiveness, and peace.
Ages old. Centuries young. It’s an infinite dance and once you’re invited, you can’t sway only half of the way.

From the book Letters in Soliloquy.

So far it’s available in Bulgarian

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