The Haves & Have Nots

It’s a Twenty-First
Century Type of Conversation
The Haves & The Have Nots
I have no grand words,
no promises of greatness,
scientific proofs.
I have no laboratory
where I can test
and learn about each Atom.
I have no desire or wish
to prove right or wrong.
I have no time to
react to pressure with pressure.
Whether I know or do not know,
that is not worthy of a conversation.
Whether I learn or unlearn,
that’s a whole other topic, too.
Whether I am funny or dancing,
whether I live or smile mesmerized…
Whether I keep my promises even,
whether I have placed my heart on the line.
Well, there are all kinds of conversations.
Whether I received a bark mark.
Whether I am of value or not,
whether I am a failure or a treasure.
Ask whoever you want, I won’t do that.
Whether I should be a teacher or a nurse.
Whether it’s too late to change professions.
Or if my profession matters at all.
Lord, it’s such a hard conversation!
It’s the 21st, 21st century –
all people bursting with questions.
Can I answer, can I promise or even assume?
All answers I muffle,
all questions I questioned.
Whether there are layers or crumbles,
it’s another type of conversation.
You assume talking will make sense.
No, it won’t.
You assume by talking, we make friends.
No, I don’t.
We are stumbling, mumbling, uttering.
All answers I needed are here.
You come armed, full of information.
And I am standing,
like a baby that just understood
She is here.
S. Trifonova
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