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“I really enjoyed Svetlina’s poetry! She really carries light in herself, and her illustrations are more than wonderful and charing! One of the books that I open when I look for quietness and harmony. ”

Marina, 14th of February, 2019

“A book that can always be on your nightstand and when you need to read something real, deep and inspiring, you can reach out for it. Keep being yourself, Svetlina and follow the call of your heart! I am sure that much success lays ahead of you”

Kristina Likova, 20th of November, 2018

“A book that fills me with coziness, warmth, gentleness, even memories. A book that everyone should read. A book that I use in my work and it brings joy to my clients. A book you must simply have!”

Daniela Bakardjiiska, 18th of September 2018

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