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“A Quill Of Ancient Silence, 2018

  A Book of Poetry & Art

Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 2018/ Poetry, Cover & Illustrations: Svetlina Trifonova

Edit: Rozalia Alexandrova

Publishing House: Fast Print Books, Bulgaria

“Letters In Soliloquy where it’s You & Me”, 2019

A Book of letters, Poetry and Contemplation

Publishing House: Fast Print Books, Bulgaria

Please note, the books are not available for sale in stores or Amazon.

There will be an update on this website.


        in Anthologies, Poetry Collections or others

If you are looking for Love“, 2018, Plovdiv, Bulgaria 

by the International Poetry Festival “Spirituality Without Borders”

“The Voice of the Universe“, 2017, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

by the International Poetry Festival “Spirituality Without Borders”

Compiler: Rozalia Alexandrova & others

Love Postcards“,  International Anthology of Poetry 

Editors: A. Kuberska & A. Ramirez

“Whispers of Soflay”, vol II

Editors: R. Changaizi & A. Minjarez

Poetry in papers & magazines

Siir Den – Literature magazine in Turkey, issues 43 &

Wytrych Wolna Inicjatywa Artystyczna, Wytrych magazine, Poland

Articles in online magazines

Bulgaria’s Secrecies: 5 Places to Visit In My Beloved Country

A Tiny Story of The Triple Flame – Poetry

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  • First Bulgarian Book Festival in Brussels, Belgium, June 2019
  • Book talk at LIBREBOOK, Brussels, Belgium, June 2019
  • International Expo, Calligraphy Art, Bucharest, Romania, 2019
  • International Poetry Festival Spirituality Without Borders, Plovdiv Bulgaria 2017 & 2018.  /Poetry presenter, book compilation, voice, etc./
  • Fifth Slavic Poetry Festival in Bielsko-Biala, Poland/Part of the Katowice – London festival
  • Poetry Contest on Thracian Poetry, Plovdiv, Bulgaria 2018/Trakart Gallery
  • Public speaker at “She in Plovdiv”, 2018 on the topic of Inspiration, Writing & Gifts
  • The Poetry voice in the “A Spark Made Of Light” (Poetry & Music Event), Plovdiv, Bulgaria Dec. 2018
  • Book presentations in various Bulgarian cities


  • First place on a National Poetry Contest “Fly On the Wings of Love”, 2012
  • “A Quill Of Ancient Silence” was awarded for a debut book in 2018 by the IPF “Spirituality without borders”, 2018
  • First place in a National contest on the theme of ancestors and kinship in Bulgaria, essay
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