Practicing The Calligraphy Art & International Expo

I would like to briefly share with you about one inspiring event that took place in Bucharest, Romania.

I started practicing some form of calligraphy two years ago, viewing it as a simple art practice. I easily fell in love with it because a large part of my time is devoted to inspirational poetry.

There’s much creativity in this art and in this publication I would like to direct your eye towards the event in Bucharest, while I share a glimpse of my work and idea.

Do you know some studies even show that calligraphers live longer? Whether it extends the lifespan or not, it’s still a kind, meditative art.

It teaches you to be patient, to adore beauty, to express yourself in a positive way. Can you imagine how real books were drawn and written by hand? Letter by letter… page by page.

         You can discover more about the participants and their artworks directly from the official website of the Association.

What calligraphy artwork represents…

A painting which incorporates protected or symbolic flower species in Bulgaria such as the Rose, Snowdrops, Mountain peonies, Water Lilies, etc and a poem. The poem speaks of the alchemy of feelings, flowers symbolize feelings – grief, pain, tears are being elevated, turned and transformed through love, as they become precious flowers.

The poem was written in one of the most ancient languages in the world and it’s from my book “A Quill of Ancient Silence”. The idea: We take the uncomfortable feelings in our hearts and turn them into precious flowers. This is viewed as the work of the individual although the idea is universal. Once we are capable of doing this art, flowers will bloom. Each of us gives birth to unique flowers.

About the author…

Svetlina Trifonova

Creative Writer and Poet

From Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Books published & illustrated

A Quill of Ancient Silence”, “Letters in Soliloquy, Where It’s You & Me”

Creative themes: The Eternal, Divine, Mysterious, Soul Remembering, Healing

Literature Genres: Poetry, Essays, Fairy tales, Stories, etc.

The Author’s symbol: The Quill


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