There Is A World Inside This World – Poetry

Poetry by Svetlina Trifonova

Someone opened the forest and said:
“There is a world inside this world”.
I will show you once,
then you will never forget.
Someone took me for a walk,
learned the language of a hedgehog.
Someone once left me alone,
and I learned to be cautious and tender.
Someone showed me the secret of snow,
someone gave me a cape made of feathers.
I was a traveler, and I traveled alone.
But remember…
Someone is always guiding you Home.
Now, while your Soul sits on its throne,
let me assure you.
Someone cares of your Home.
Feathers pull up other feathers.

Svetlina Trifonova

FB page: @Words by Svetlina – Думи от Светлина

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