One Day Everything Makes Sense

The smallest things –

the sand running through the hands,

the steps along the beach,

the stranger you accidentally meet.

Everything, till the last detail

is a great equation of Love.

And there is a scent coming from somewhere…


It’s wondrous, it’s all kinds of wondrous.

Sweeter than the incense sticks in the stores –

the ones you light up and wait for the ashes to fall.

Without ashes, out of the nowhere, I smell sweetness.

Isn’t this wondrous?

And yet, people look for some other type of miracle.

One quiet, whimsical day is a wonder.

The tears you wipe from someone’s face are wondrous.

Leaves under the trilbies are wondrous.

A heart that has healed is wondrous.

Why did the threes grows like that? – It’s wondrous.

Which direction the branches grow – this is art.

It’s wondrous, it’s all kinds of wondrous.

I betoken a beautiful autumn.


Svetlina Trifonova

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