New Life – The Prayer of the Phoenix

Poetry of the Phoenix

I seek a new life.

Maybe I am here to bring a new light.

Maybe I wasn’t fit for this world.

And calculations

turn out to be wrong at times.

I try to integrate,

to gather and to nourish.

I try, and try, and try.

And each attempt

takes strength and courage.

Are you like me?

Attempting every single time.

Was your light

flickering sometimes?

What did you go through, Soul?

I see you wounded and forgotten.

I am here.

And I want to know.

To listen.

Seek a new life!

One without

a stain of grief.


of times

that didn’t past,

a magic circle

that I chose to leave.

For in a circle,

too many

sacrificed I had made.

So, now I chose to be

a tiny dot…

bursting into flames.

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©Svetlina Trifonova

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