Draw for me piano keys, moons and forests, mystics, lovers and sit until the candle’s over.


In this Life
I lived and died more than a couple of times.
I played with Past tense,
I mimicked the Present,
I was a fool till the end,
I was born to be loved
but remained way too tender.
Was I understood?
Maybe not.
All I saw was the Light of the Heavens.
When in turn – around me were
Shadows from a Past
I did not overcome.
I was brought
To what was painful,
What was Dark
Before I Asked….
Could I Light it up?
In the moment of Truth,
I turned my eyes upwards,
I was neither living,
nor dying.
I saw these Souls,
so still, they had stopped.
What was I, God?
I am neither living, nor dying,
I was born but I’m not.


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