Mystery of Meeting

A Letter For The Orchestrated Meetings

<part of the book “Letters In Soliloquy, Where It’s You & Me” by Svetlina Trifonova>

Oh, please, Sir!

Did you not know you would meet this woman ten years ago?

You didn’t realize this meeting was about to be?

She was writing about you, she was dreaming of you, looking for you in never-ending lands and although she was wrong at times, she didn’t stop her quest, and now ten-twenty years turned out to be too much for you. 


Lift up the veil of this narrowness, do you not think that for Love, Divine patience is needed, do you expect that you’d have her just like that? And if you expected that everything would be perfection in your life, then you have come across a field of immeasurable sadness, not understanding the processes of life itself. You are making it complicated because you expect that something would happen in a sequence that was created by you alone.

Life has never honoured our personal attempts to bring order, it is above our desires. 

So, while you love unconsciously this woman, you will always be disappointed, missing out on the presence she brings. Because you want to do something – plan things, make them right or wrong and photograph them so they keep their appearance as it is.
Things change – they change in eternity, continuously, they flow with us in this Universe and everything you can do for yourself and this woman is to not interrupt the light that flows between the two of us.

Your plans, your letters, your dreams with a date, stamped in the past are lovely but she’s too sober not to pass you through a couple of tests, a couple of fires until she is certain that purity can find its place between the two of you.
She doesn’t want to love you in a human way, to make things perish but you are holding onto being a human to such an extent, that she has to lead herself to all kinds of methods for waking up and a part of them won’t be of your taste because she would rather take your bitterness today than to disappoint God in herself eternally.

The issue is that you give up at the first test she puts you through you are yearning for her so much that you don’t even see that she yearns for you to pass the test. You will say she is unjust. No, she isn’t. She has seen you fight for the love of other women many times, although you don’t remember that. Many times, she had to go, to head somewhere alone and heal in Silence.
She has waited patiently for you for more than one lifetime and sees her love for you as Infinity.
She is capable of not being with you because she’s learned how.

She is capable of not being

with you because she’s learned how.

At the same time, she is capable of waiting for you, for another time. But you have forgotten about that, of course.
Now, when you are can’t get enough of the joy from the meeting, in parallel, inside of you, grows the challenge that Love certainly sets for us starts to burn. She wants you to be worthy and secretly helps you because she has recognized your dignity inside of herself but you have to open your eyes for this assistance and for your heart to accept it. She wants to clear all doubt out of you so that you recognize yourself alone before you disappear together.

Have you asked yourself whether, if she waits for you one more time, she could be somewhere else next time? Do you know that it’s possible you never meet again? Not because you don’t love each other but because the Divine plan has high aspirations for us. Higher than the happiness that you are somehow suffering for. You suffer, and she is quiet because she expected all of this.
Would you meet here or would she continue in a new dimension?

She loves you beyond your form, sir. But you don’t see that. If you transform into a large bird with wings, she would still love you. If you are a knight, a beggar or a ball of blue light in front of her window, this woman loves you from her debts. While you swim in the surface of her beauty, you won’t recognize the depth inside of yourself. And she yearns to introduce you to it, realizing this the choice of God. She accepts fully the desperation that accompanies her task and gives a part of her path for you to remember.

Lift up the veil, Sir!

Realize your chance and do not think that it’s only about the two of you. Do you allow in your mind the idea that you participate in something much greater together? Do you allow the idea that your personal happiness is something poor, something so burdensome for her soul, she has known for a long time that she didn’t come here to just be happy. You think that it’s important when you will be with her and for how many years. The truth is this is the least important thing.
While she listens to you, she still doesn’t become discouraged.
She knows what she has come to do with you.

Now, she is patiently waiting for you to allow the Mystery of this meeting. Little by little, she lifts up the veil of your comfort, leaves you signs and if you move away, she is calm again. In such moments, you become utterly calm without knowing why, while you drive your car somewhere…. you are absorbed by the Serenity of this patient Love. She knows you need distance, for she has preserved herself inside of it as well, at her doorway, Truth was knocking.

The complete book “Letters In Soliloquy Where It’s You & Me” is available only in Bulgarian for now.

© Copyright © [2019] Svetlina Trifonova

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