“Let them do their thing. We will do ours.”

A drunk man is a man who has abandoned his way.

This is drunkenness.

Music to go for this writing

“Let them do their thing. We will do ours.”

This is what a bard told me, while we observed the actions of a group of people.

Just like me, he had seen falseness more commonly known as “the pointless way”.

I translated a poetry book for him, as well as some of my poetry.

Just like that.

I didn’t need anything.

Then he looked at me, so very seriously and said:

So, I think you didn’t just write those things, sitting on your chair.”

That didn’t need a reply.

     I wrote because my Heart needed to write. But is it me that writes? No. I wrote because Love poured or didn’t. Just like I sang because my voice needed to come out or it couldn’t.

Because I didn’t need to be direct. Not always, not every day. You don’t write for others. You don’t sing for others. You don’t live for others. But you don’t write for your self either. You don’t sing for your self either. You can live for yourself either.

I wrote because I had swallowed falseness and lies. And they are not a good meal. Because there were things I had accepted and they were not acceptable. Things I had neglected, and they were not neglectable. Things I had acquired and I had to be made clear of them. But pain is never relieved through writing, so don’t listen not to psychologists.

Actually, it can intensify it. Please, kindly remove my name from the “Therapy writing” section, too. And may that be forever. Yes, please. “Forever is not a long time, it does not relate to time at all.”

        I do not write to heal. 

       I do not need to use others as a garbage bin, nor will I, as I know so very well the effects of toxicity. I do not write because “I am emotional“. Please, stop seeing female, human, living, and breathing creatures as simply “emotional”. That only shows you do not see them. Nor feel them.

         Why belittle them?

Why do we belittle anything and everything?

Now, I stop but do not stare.

Now I walk but do not challenge others,

I do not pretend to know what they need (always).

If I see it, I see it. If I don’t, then I don’t.

Maybe it’s our own understandings we see in them?

Did you consider this?

Or have we become just a little bit,

just a tiny bit …arrogant?

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