Just a Fairytale

Once upon a time…

Lived a man who thought he  only needed his sword and his horse. He would work, live, not knowing why he’s alive. Then he received as gifts a hat, a quill, a button and a rope. Threw them away. He received a pencil. But didn’t use it to draw. Then, then gave him a cape. White and pure. It wasn’t even made from matter. He forgot it. Finally, they gave him a Soul to light his way. He couldn’t keep her either.

One day, he was born on Earth, and year after year, while he would pass through his own prison, each gift came back to him.

“What do I need all these things for?”, he would say to himself.

“I am spiritual, I don’t need all these tricks. I have learned.” This is how he would think while he was passing mechanically through his days.

Until one day, he met the Soul.

     He recognized her, embraced her, repented, gathered all those things and gave them to her. He told her:

“Go now, You have to complete my Path, for I didn’t do a thing and I understood nothing. I only have one wish, sing me a song, so that I could hear Your Voice.”

She sang him a song and left. Went on to complete his Path. While the years would pass, one day he became incredibly sad and remembered about his mother.

He remembered that back in time, he was an Angel. He would fly and come down upon the Earth as he wishes. When he looked down from the Sky, he saw her suffering and came to Earth to pull her out. He didn’t know how. So he gathered his ten fingers for a prayer and for this One and only time, he received back his wings, he would fly down in all force and alone, enter inside the prison.

Finally, he understood why he had been given hands.

He prayed and as he headed down to the Low lands, and the Door of the prison opened up, and he took his mother with him to the Sky. He remembered how he had become cruel, a long, long time ago, when the Soul did not reciprocate his Love. So, he released beasts and ordered to get the one and only Soul, who has done nothing but help him. She would light his way and lead him to his mother. He repented again but it was too late.

The beasts were after her. One more time, he would go against himself. She lost her Feet, her Hands, her Powers and her Light. Her Friends. Everything she trusted. She was alone and knew, there was a danger coming. She could run, hide, become invisible if she wanted to but she decided to stand still. And if this is how her Life would end, it wouldn’t be for nothing. She decided to pay for everyone else.

One night, one of the beasts that he sent – as dark as the Darkness, reached her and looked her in the Eyes. She didn’t try to hide them. Something unfamiliar inside of him recognized these eyes and he told her:

             “You are thirsty, you want to walk Your own Path for once. Give me his Soul and you are Free.”
             “It’s not worth it to go from one prison to another, leave him alone. I’m not afraid of you either. I haven’t been afraid of killers and abusers for a while now. Long, long time ago, when you do not know you existed, you were a different Being and I spared your life. You were my Friend and we would run together in the woods, hungry for the Truth, we would keep each other’s lives. I would fall asleep on your back at night, and we would swim through the fogs of a forest. You carried me on your shoulders and we traveled through the worlds. You took me to your close ones. But you have forgotten Who you are. And now they sent you here, to me because you cannot do anything without your weaponry and nobody knows you, everywhere you go, you are an outsider.”

Suddenly, his eyes lit. One Spark ignited out of the Nothing. Instead of tearing her apart with his Force, he suddenly opened his Beings and exhaled towards her. He gave her some of his Breath. Thus, the same way she spared his life thousands of years ago, when in the midst of all destruction, she caressed him and preserved the Spark inside of him, for another time.

He looked at her, eyes full of Love and told her:

“I will serve you again for your whole life. I will be your Friend again. I will keep you from the winds and carry you. I will hide you, so that they don’t see you. I will never attack you again. Every time you are in danger, I will arrive, just call me. This is how I will know, I haven’t lived for nothing this time.” 

  “You don’t know Who you are yet. I will remind you Who you are but then you owe me nothing. You will leave.”

           “But you cannot defend yourself.” 

“Who told you I am alone? Just because your eyes do not see, doesn’t mean I am alone.”

  “Keep safe because one day the Winds and Times will come again, when we shouldn’t be alone. Call me through the Stars and I will come. Pierce through with your voice the Universe and I will break through the Universe, wherever I am.”

And so, they parted ways. Until this day, when She calls him, once in a hundreds of years, when she’s almost dead and bereaved, the Universe opens a door and her Friend comes with meekness and mightiness. And instead of hurting her, he keeps his Promise rather then following the orders of the ignorant. He is ready to fight against everything else but her. He opens his Breath, and she Comes to life again. She touches him, and he gets a New time.

There is Someone, who allows this to happen, so that the next Spark on the way is preserved. Even if it’s not for now, even if it’s done for the sake of something in years and years, so that the Flame of the Souls keeps on burning. Then an Outstretched Arm touches all Creatures, ready to be born from a New Light.

Then the beasts become quiet, stand in the circle of Silence and with their Power, they keep the ones who keep the equilibrium of the Circle. Who they are, that doesn’t matter. The important thing is they are

Svetlina Trifonova


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