How I Met The Word Soliloquy

Once upon a time, just a short while ago and a thousand years at the same time, it was a quiet winter day, when I first encountered the beautiful word Soliloquy. Ever since then, Soliloquy became a prophetic definition, a guiding star above my path of development and miraculous existence.

Now for a touch of reality: it was the winter of 2007, there was smoke coming out of my head from studying, working and lack of sleep, along with anxious attempts to figure out what am I chasing all the time, but I never really meet. I was in a less than a poetic state of being.

Then Bam. Silence. All that stopped for a single moment, that seemed to last forever. Never till that moment had I heard such a loving, caring, more gentle word. Alive and breathing in my lungs. Just like the simple and profound effect of  “I am”, it resonated so much, that its melodic echo persists through every step I make.

According to TheFreeDictionary, Soliloquy is:

  1. a. A dramatic or literary form of discourse in which a character talks to himself or herself or reveals his or her thoughts when alone or unaware of the presence of other characters.
    b. A specific speech or piece of writing in this form.
  2. The act of speaking to oneself.

According to me, Soliloquy is a state of existence, in which you gently observe the act of your soul, but you can also talk with it – that higher self, that carries itself with grace, that is deep in us, yet embracing us with a protecting halo.

Will ever words be enough to describe the journey we are on? No. With words we can paint, harvest, love, create, attach, sing. While it may seem that with words, we are only scratching the surface of Living, the automatic responses that the soul evokes is equal to the basic necessities of water, air and love. In Soliloquy, we are non-judgemental of whatever our state is – we are observing, asking and searching. Therefore, we are the word itself. We hear the silence, concealed within the gaps between words. We hear the silence within the words.

In the state of Soliloquy, we are authentic, connected, present with our eternal being. Our eternal being is talking with our human form about its day. Much like friends over coffee, but less careless. Sometimes the weight of Soliloquy is so huge on my shoulders, that even the best fine tuning will not support its frequency.

That is part of the deal, too. I don’t crave for success or praise. Appreciation is wonderful and humane, and I have learned to “change lives”  in other ways. The ways, in which we are all capable of doing it.

Writing is a tool that turns the foggy footprints of the soul into melodic word frequencies. is newly found place, where you can join in, stay a while, see if anything resounds within yourself that day. I care for insights, conversations of substance and genuine warmth. I also hope you find it warm int here, the internet is quite cold 🙂

P.S. I write and communicate in Bulgarian and English. Some posts may be published in only one of the languages and lack translation into the other. I may also share stuff in Spanish, Italian or French.

Wishing you a blissful Soliloquy.








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