Holi-Inspired Photography & The Poem “Colours”

Holi-Inspired Photography 

Photographer: Kristina Likova

Location: just outside of Plovdiv, Bulgaria 


Poetry by Svetlina Trifonova 

– Colours will enter because
you recognized the beauty of the blank canvas.

– But I wish to remain a blank canvas.
I don’t really need much of anything else anymore.

I have you – we are together,
in different spaces and times,
we are always together, my beloved.

I don’t need colours, let me be pure,
I am a white space.

I am beyond the colours,
I’ve lived in the Light
and swam through the darkness.
I am beyond all poles of understanding.

Remember me this way.
Coloured, on the outside.
Remember me this way
if you still haven’t seen
my colours on the inside.

But if you have,
then we can be friends.
Not friends for a couple of years.

Friends for Eternity,
friends even when I exit this place
and you remember my heart.

So, now…
You have this.

The first time I conquered
the deepest, darkest fears
and put them in the colours.

Remember me,
beyond form and matter,
I am a feeling.

A whim
of distant times,
of ancient times
when life was flowing,
when life was not a mascarade.

Love was pure to the core.
We were fire from the core.
We were liquid,
beauty had no form.
I remember.

I remember so well.

Photographer: Kristina Likova In the picture: Svetlina Trifonova

A thousand lives ago.
Until we became everything –
friends, lovers, warriors,
beautiful and broken…
after every single round.

We were mistreated, abandoned,
loved and forgotten.
In the darkest night,
nobody of our friends was around.

We flew through galaxies,
planets and stars,
our Love knew no limits.

Do you know how sad it is for me
to see you now?

The one who gave everything,
fell from all his grace, all his glory.

The one I loved became dark.

I hope, my friend
you start to repair yourself
and remember yourself.

I have never been your enemy
even when we were enemies.

I have always been and forever will be free.

Photographer: Kristina Likova In the picture: Svetlina Trifonova








One day,
when you decide to dismantle your prison,
you will know it too.
All colours will gather,
your Essence will begin to emerge.

Sleep tight, for now.
One day I will come back to ask again.

Are ready now,

my eternal, beloved friend…

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