Green Hills – A Letter To Your Heart

Green hills

                            ….a Letter to your Heart

I sent off the guests to leave and my feet headed to the green pastures.

Your Melody of Celtic sound,  for centuries in mountain hills, I greet.

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You walk disguised as yourself.

Concealed behind your steps,

you pass from the beginning.

Invisible, and undisclosed,

you’re waiting… always waiting for somebody.

I threw out the knightly hats I used to keep,

so one day you could recognize yourself.

I sent off the guests, to leave and

my feet headed to the green pastures.

Your melody, of Celtic sound,

from centuries in mountain hills, I greet.

“Where will you go again?”, you asked me…

“South!”, I barely uttered.

Covered the winds with my eyes, 

I took the new direction.

“Stay with. Within myself I hid!

I lost the music, childhood, your whisper.”

And inside my grief, I shrunk, my Love.

And it’s inside her that I enliven.

Because for long, it’s your heart I grieve,

and instead of grief – it’s joy I’m giving.

Out of love, I come to see you…

up there in the mountain,

and every century, you open the door.

My smile will be a little bitter.

Our eyes will silently forgive each other.

Until next time, Love.

Until we find the new direction.

I hope your heart is as warm as a South.

I hope it soaked my Word & Music.

Picture: Personal Archive, Svetlina Trifonova

Poetry: ©Svetlina Trifonova @Думи от Светлина

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