Give Me An Arrow & A Bow

Give Me an Arrow and a Bow,

Show Me Arrows Made of Snow.

The Creatures of the Day,

they Gather the Light and make Honey 

Out of  These Poems.

Eternal Love

Preserved the Dignity.

The Creatures of the Night,

They are the Watchers

and The Keepers.

They have the Keys of Time.

And sometimes

Earthy hours can

be equal to Years.

You need not be afraid.

There are Guardians of Time.

There are Watchers

for the ones who disappear.

You may call this Magic but it isn’t.

It’s Mechanics and Mysteries.

Truth is only bearable

if you discover it on your own.

Don’t be afraid.

The Nightly Creatures

also serve Divinity.

Let us become Arrows, too.

The Day & Nights, 

the Sacred hours…


it seems we go back in Time,

while in fact, we repair

spells that were casted.

To Children we say:

“Once upon a time

there was a Black Maggie.

Now, other Creatures repair

the harm he once caused.”

Then we tell Stories.

Teach them to

never misuse their powers.

We say

“Long time ago,

there were wars.

Then Grace came,

washed it all.”

Never be sad, my Child,

for something has disappeared.

Sometimes it’s a Blessing in Hiding.

Sometimes even Reality puts on a disguise. 

Sometimes it’s good

there are things we don’t see.

Sometimes even Angels can’t help us.

Once we are faced with the hardest of choices,

they keep quiet and still.

Now some say

this is only a myth, a tale or a story.

But there are Records

that only the Pure know how to keep.

I say to you:

Don’t trust any Magicians, 

Don’t trust any Magical creatures.

Trust the Highest of Servers.

Trust the Highest & Deepest.


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