Feast On The Eyes Of Truth For A While

Can I stay in silence next to you for ten minutes?

We won’t talk, we won’t philosophize, we will only think we are grateful to be here and exist,

that they gave us the right to feast on the eyes of the truth for a while, that they gifted us with a great good, that we touched our souls. That much.

We will stand in silence, the two of us, just like you were standing many times alone, and how I was standing many times.

There are people who are better on their own rather than together. The people’s togetherness would suffocate them altogether. Only the gentleness of separation warms them, that they will hurt again, and then it will be lovely again, it will feel “at home”.

What did they taught us – be together, even if it hurts us from falsity?

Yes, it is so unbelievable that we don’t want it to happen to us at all. We don’t want to count the time, the years, the anniversaries, the trophies. We count lakes between us, lakes of solitude.

What would two people say to each other if they do not believe in their thoughts for they are alike? What is there to say. There is nothing. The original sin is leaving this text rather than silence here.

Oh, I hope they do not ask me about you.

I hope, I hope.

I have nothing more to say, only the silence is left plus thirty one thousand words, half of which will remain inside the small hours. What did they teach us, that we could not unlearn, that it does not matter what will happen?

Alone we are together, and together we are even more happily alone. Recluses, happy, joyous recluses. Then speak to me of happiness-es! Well, its these happiness-es I am laughing at… with no grief for them.

S. Trifonova

April 9, 2016

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