Stuff Human Forgot By Being Asleep

Ten lines that the human being forgot from swimming lightly through life, guided only by outside stimuli and directed by his 5 senses. 

  1. Your mind is a brilliant chaotic machine with a vision of reality no one has ever seen.
  1. All there is available here are constructed illusions: illusions of free choice and illusions of having no choice. Illusions start with being “ill”. Being ill means believing and participating in systems, that do not respect your own reflections or choices; that sell and produce patterns that are easy and pleasant to swallow. Undoubtedly, those will come upon later in life as “mistakes” or as I call them – missed takes.
  1. By constructing our views based on the top layer of perceived reality, we are always living in an illusion that seems real and unchangeable.
  1. Truth cannot penetrate unless you doubt completely and utterly the physical realm of reality, because truth speaks in allegories, it is harsh and does not care about fabricated feelings. Organic truth is usually levels deep or right in front of your face, so close that it is hard to realize.
  1. What seems absurd is often a truth, in fact most truths are absurd at first, we reject them a number of times before giving them the benefit of the doubt. Why? I have no idea, but in Bulgaria it is the stubbornness and hotheadedness, that seem to act.
  1. People “fall in love” desperately with anything/anyone that projects a part of themselves, that they have voluntarily or involuntarily dismissed from their own self – they felt they were unworthy of it somehow. Sometimes due to past traumas, self-punishment or criticism, irrational subconscious beliefs of what is possible and impossible. That falling in love, usually short lived, in itself is an attempt for the soul to reconcile the broken part. Hence, the numerous “failed” relationships of our age. Loving relationships are not always easy to build these days. It is like trying to plant flowers while there is an earthquake.
  1. My own doings are not solely “my own” and the design of things, is by all means build on contentedness. From mirror neurons to absorbing the stimuli from the outside environment… just reconsider the feeling of being alone in your doings. Ever.
  1. The price of attention. We “pay attention”. You pay from your own soul bank through attention when you are feeding into things you do not want or need anymore in your sphere.
  1. The wall of protection behind the visible, is love. If I carry a gun and you carry a gun, if either one of us fires that gun we have already both lost the game. By loving the darkness (not taking pleasure in it! – loving – admitting its place in the world), you discharge the need of the gun. Fight it, struggle with it, resist it – it will always own you.
  1. Having information means nothing. Being clever or smart means nothing. You can be clever and smart and mortal on this level of being at the same time, despite your love for endlessness. The world is a hologram. Things appear to be, but are they really here. Do they even exist?

My ten reminders to make you think, live and love. But think, live and love by abandoning all old ways you have thought, lived and loved. Anything is better than the false comfort of walking through life asleep – according to me.

“Don’t turn away from possible futures before you’re certain you don’t have anything to learn from them.”
― Richard Bach, Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

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