Every Once In A While – Poetry

Dedicated To The Best…

Possible Version Of Things

Every once in a while,
every other century I assume,
the kind of love happens
that makes you
an electrified, magnetic Sun
incapable of functioning
in this common version of
accepted reality.
This is absolutely, truly scaring,
completely nullifying,
causes brain damage –
as people forget
they were ever hurt before,
causes certain and sudden neuron
as you become transformed,
polished, shaken and swallowed
by the great, mysterious,
centuries-lasting powers of Love,

which has absolutely
no care for your convenience,
job, status, opinions or other abnormalities.
Hence, your great chance
is to turn yourself into a battle mode
rather than a victim mode,
pretending you do have a fighting chance.
You can keep fighting for some time
until you soon realize the outcome
of this has nothing to do with
your views, feelings or decisions.
Love will move you in every direction
it wants, remove all your titles,
beautiful notions
and introduce you
to a greater humility.
It will replace your illusions
with far better ones,
ones that may actually serve you.
Once it finishes its dance,
you will be,
in a fine case scenario,
a devoted pilgrim
to the song of the One,
and I will watch gladly,
knowing I completed my work.
Then my poetry will be our medicine,
a fine leisure till the next round of the Greatest.

In love, and in war, they say…
Well, You know.


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