Hello there, Reader!

The short answer to what do I do is: I write, illustrate and translate my books.

The long one? You have to keep on reading to find out.

Writing is Love worth Lifetimes of exploration

            You feel that you are constantly learning and discovering something new. The trick of this “work” is that the best creative writers are the individual free spirits, who experience the most interesting, unbelievable things because we tend to teleport ourselves between people from different work environments.  We know things that those who enjoy a fixed, narrow profession have no idea about. Our creative lenses are either on zoom or directed from a bird’s view. 

What is it like to be a Creative writer?

To me, something extraordinary and truly magnificent!

Below is my tree of creative work of what I have been doing for a long time, with a short definition and practice level, how much I enjoy it and the pros (+) to everything. My work is constructed by all of this and it varies.

Creative Writing

Creative, artistic style of writing with an unusual character.

Especially favourite!

+ A wide range and individuality of the text, a number of “benefits”


poetry, essays, fairy tales, aphorisms, short stories+more


The writer’s quill focused on goals.


Texts for advertisement, slogan, article pieces, digital works and print. 

+ very effective and desired, a wide range for action, imagination and originality

Lyrics Writing

The melodic work of creating a text for a song!

In love with it! 

+ Great inspiration if the music has been composed through the heart.

Summary Creation

Summering an existing text.

Neutral here.

+ a clear synthesis of a text, quick reading for the one reading, you understand what’s important right away.

For some reason, not everyone is that good at creating summaries, so sometimes… I do it.


Bulgarian to English & vice verca.

Medium adoration. 

It is not my profession but it so happened that I translate a lot.

+It is a joy to translate poetry, a theme or a book, which is interesting to you.

What I would love to experiment with…

Being a voice-over, readings, lyrics writing & everything else I feel inspired to do!

Thank you for stopping by!

Svetlina Trifonova

Illustrated by Svetlina Trifonova Photography: Anna Madhzunjova




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