Congratulations, Heart

Let them fly away.
Set them free and thrive.
Keep the illusions that will bring you to the truthfulness and all the rest.. let’s leave aside.
Our stubbornness, our momentary weakness, our falsehood in a way.
What is it with this world, you come… you live for a second and it paints you with the colors of its rays.

We live inside reflections, where is the Home within ourselves?
We spare everything in split second, we can lose everything and love along the way.

Who knew this time around, we come as if we are balloons.
Bubbles, little bubbles, of the crowd. While you are outside with everyone, you always live a lie.
Stay alone and learn the lesson, the crowds will have to wait a while.
And since you tend to dive with your head straight inside the clouds, remember heartbreak is the lesson of the faintest, rise above the motives and the trial.
When everything just seems unreal, perhaps you entered a labyrinth you have to navigate. When all is dimmed, look for the first you knew and not the second, for he is the only one who keeps you, dear.

Congratulations, heart.
If you understand the instructions, you may find your way Home.


*The First one is God
*The Second one is the one God led you to



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