A Quill Of Ancient Silence

It gathered the brightness of a radiant Quill…


This is the very first book we published in the middle of 2018!

What is it this book you may ask.

A collection of poetry, layers, signs, and transformations,  inside the melody of Silence.




A Quill Of Ancient Silence”  written by Svetlina Trifonova. 

132 pages full of poetry, poetic aphorisms, soliloquies, and illustrations. A journey in the deep, where you enter once and when you do, the Path goes on. 

Who can appreciate the book?

  The Quill is a good book is for those who enjoy contemplating, meditating, and feeling a little zen-deep with a book. People who want to come back to themselves.

Those ready to open up and expand because it follows a journey of someone who did just that. Someone unafraid to see through the pain, looking for Depth.

Awarded for a debut book by the International Poetry Festival “Spirituality Without Borders” IV, 2018.

Where can I buy? 

       The English version’s hard-copy of the “A Quill Of Ancient Silence” is currently available to order only via e-mail from the author. You will not find it on Amazon or in stores for that matter. 





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