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The book that gathered the brightness of one radiating Quill.

           Poetry, layers, signs and transformations in collected poems that come to live inside the melody of silence. “A Quill Of Ancient Silence” has been written by Svetlina Trifonova.  132 pages full of poetry, poetic aphorisms, soliloquies and illustrations of the author. A journey in the deep, where you enter once and when you do, the Path goes on. 

The book is awarded for a debut by theInternational Poetry Festival “Spirituality Without Borders” IV

 Plovdiv, Bulgaria 2018

Publishing House: Geo Lilitsov, Fast Print Books
Photography of the author: Kristina Likova
Photography of the paintings: Anna, Fast Print Books

© All Rights Reserved 

The Writer’s main skills:

  • Creative Writing
  • Public Speaking, Poetry Performance as the Voice
  • Poetry (Writing & Translation)
  • Translation & Editing
  • Copywriting & Communication

Where can I buy the book? 

The English version’s

hardcopy of the “A Quill Of Ancient Silence

is currently available

to order by e-mail from the author.




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