A Quill Of Ancient Silence

This book gathered the brightness of a radiant Quill.


This is the very first book we published in the middle of 2018!

What is it this book you may ask.

A collection of poetry, layers, signs and           transformations that live inside the melody of Silence.

“A Quill Of Ancient Silence” has been written by Svetlina Trifonova.  132 pages full of poetry, poetic aphorisms, soliloquies and illustrations of the author. A journey in the deep, where you enter once and when you do, the Path goes on. 

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Who can appreciate his book?

The Quill is a good book is for those who enjoy contemplating, meditating and feeling a little zen-deep with a book. People who want to come back to themselves in a way.

I wanted to compile a book that you can read more than once, come back to repeatedly to see a certain page, to find a thought that is inspiring.

Those ready to open up and expand because it follows a journey of someone who did just that. Someone unafraid to see through the pain, looking for depth, not drama.

Awarded for a debut by the International Poetry Festival “Spirituality Without Borders” IV

Where can I buy the book? 

       The English version’s hard-copy of the “A Quill Of Ancient Silence” is currently available to order only by e-mail from the author. You will not find it on Amazon or in stores for that matter. 





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