Beyond Tremble – Soulful Contemplation On The Heart

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                  The Heart cannot walk but sometimes it grows feet. Or wings. Shines among all of the madness. A rebel who has learned how to adore. And I know, my friend, that you are wise and advanced, and all storms are behind your back, but the science of Your Heart is Endless. It’s an Unfinished Letter, a Door Unopened. Every corner is invisible and unknown, and there are no maps, no directions, it’s not any good for gambling, for insurances.
                There are no benefits, no gains, no one tries to guess the value of the bets, there hasn’t been any breaking and entering or any crash, because, when it goes away, it always comes Home, it’s always overflowing; no space for stealing and even if it physically hurts, a healing hand reaches out… Puts the invisible back together, there are no doctors, no surgeons, no operations.
              This most subtle science was sort of strange to people but one day it will become a school, we will teach each other of the invisible. And we do not need wizards, we do not need even geniuses, simply we need to learn to chart like the invisible hand, without rewinding the time. There will be no roamers, no wanderers, no pour ones and not even seeking ones. It won’t even be called Humanity. If it seems faraway, the time for dawn hasn’t come yet.

              May the Dawn break!
             When the time sets to Right.
And when you open your eyes, it shines!

             May whatever was broken –
             comes back together again.

          I will talk to you about that other Humanity, about the great people from what you persistently keep calling the “Future”.  
          No, we do not sign up for there, we do not welcome in, we do not create icons, we have no pillars or monuments. We have things human language is weak for. There are things for which some “future” is pour for.
         There, you can have everything you can wish for, but everything you have learned to want is pour. You are nameless but you have a real voice to choose, there you are Endlessness, without time, it’s Beyond Trembling.

Svetlina Trifonova


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