P.S. And More Time With The People That Are Like Music

Radiance, Presence, State

I saw an opened Heart.
Out of it, Light sprung.
I saw, they chased a Soul.
And She saved herself,
for she is a Soul.

Svetlina Trifonova

    Has it ever happened that you hear a positive speech out of someone but you sense an unpleasant radiance? 

I look at us and I think that we are like walking accumulators of experiences and feelings. And we cannot mask this inside of us by words. It’s not good enough to only change your thoughts as well. There is something that layers inside of us. That is cleared deeply from the inside.

         This is why, you feel calm and harmonious in the presence of some.  Someone else appears to be stirring the whole atmosphere, and then you see he’s in harmony with somebody else. The third one being in harmony with someone else but the two of them are not in harmony with you.

          There are some you don’t want any closer to you, and for someone else – no matter how much time you stand there, it’s like music. One hears, another listens. One flips you through, another one opens. Communication is an entire miracle. In order to hear, you have to tune in. Hearing does not happen suddenly. In order to hear a being, you have to tune into his music.

P.S. May we have more time with people that are like music.

Svetlina Trifonova

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