An Ode To The Blue Sun

The Wise men say that
all of us know each other and continuously meet but then we forget.
It’s a hard statement to keep, when you are here, looking for something certain.

Something to lift you up.

An Ode To The Blue Sun

A wave of Love
showered us through the rays.
A wave of Truth
has brought us to our knees.
There is a glimpse
into an unknown smiling future.
Nothing’s known,
nothing’s certain in this Place.
All equations change.
The Blue Light enters,
brings back life from the Star.
To every cell, it caters.
My friends remained East,
I choose to take the North.
The masks fall off.
And I stared for hours,
watching us grow tall.
Oh, how tall we were…
Ever-lasting vessels,
connectors of some sort.
Our bodies made of stardust,
our Hearts beaming in the Ether.
I turned myself into a Whirlwind,
I will become a Phoenix again.
Blame the Gemini, the moons, the stars…
Blame the Ancient islands.
One day, we will greet each other
in the Heart of the Blue Sun.
Don’t fall asleep.
When it looks like the end,
our destinies have just begun.
Apparently, if God wants to
do something, nothing parts with him.
There’s a fiery Flame that never burns.

~ Svetlina Trifonova

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