A Tiny Story Of The Triple Flame

From Seed To Flower

And thus, She slowly turned into a rose.
Each layer was opened in pain.
Each petal had soaked
the infinite flame of her Love.
Each Soul she had
touched was transformed.
Once the last layer drops,
she will return to the Core.
Who was She?
Would anyone know?
After years of training,
someone has stopped at her Door.
For Love needs the infinite fuel,
the inspiration of work to perform,
to ignite a purpose of learning,
to forgive all the petals we lost.
After all, each release
will ignite somebody’s Soul.
Nothing out of love exists.
Only In Love, there is a Reality.

Triple flame, tree times more Love.
The kind of Love that makes us eternal.
There comes the year of New Truth.
The kind of truth only a heart full
of Love can withstand.
The kind of Light only one who endured
the pressure will learn from.
The kind of Day it makes
everything worth it, everything fair.

Poetry by S.Trifonova

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