Memory Of a Sacred Song

Prayer For Remembrance

I love you in a Sacred way.

I love you in a fierce way.

My love doesn’t even grow.

It’s so all-consuming.

My Patience becomes fertile.

I love you like a thousand suns.

My warriors are dancers.

My army is made out of hearts.

We are fearless, armed with our songs.

We never die, we are always young.

Kindled and shining,

piercing through conditions and times.

You are helpless!

Because this love I simply radiate,

I radiate without Burning,

I radiate without Hurting.

I radiate without Wanting,

I radiate without Needing.

Then I know how to hurt less and burn more.

To want less,

surrender what’s lost.

My love for you is Sacred,

my love for you is nothing

but a Sacred Song

and my singing Heart

is so utterly filled with Joy,

that my ancient root

gives birth to tears for my fellows.

And my root cries and caries.

Oh, how it cries,

for my fellow trees

when my Spirit expands and I go looking.

Don’t let me go looking anymore.

Bring me back to what I was made of.

Bring me back to the way I was built.

Bring me back to what I was intended.

I remembered.

I saw.

I believed.

Hold me in your Spirit,

I radiate this eternal blessing.

Like a Sacred song,

Like a Pain, you’ve outgrown,

It came through.

Now Pain becomes celebration,

now this Song will turn into form.

Bring Light inside this creation,

Sing for what is Unknown.


Svetlina Trifonova


P.S. I believe this needs some really good music. Inspirational, uplifting, and heart-touching. If anyone wishes to compose, improvise or record music for it, please use the contact form.

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