Dear Souls, Readers & All Kinds Of Beautiful Beings,

      Welcome to my personalized Heaven for Boundless Inspiration and Creative Writing. My name is Svetlina Trifonova and I am blessed to write in one of the most Ancient languages in the world. I am a native Bulgarian but since I did work, write and lived in English for quite some time, I write in both languages.

       I was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria under the wonderful number Seven in ’89 on a September morning when the Soft Sun warms itself inside the ripe grapes before they fill up with juice and prepare for the next phase. It feels as if I was here a long, long time ago.

           I am a strange mix  of a Writer, a Poet and a Scribe, an Amateur Calligrapher, a Translator, an Inborn Seeker of Truth & Wisdom, as well as a bunch of other things, which I will not proceed to name today for the sake of our sanity.

     After making a number of twists, turns and circles in Life, I came back to my Deep-seeded Love for Writing. It simply started pouring out of me, re-arranged and changed me in so many ways! And this time I decided I shouldn’t neglect it.  I used to write, collect and throw away the writings into some drawer and not show to anyone, especially not family and friends. Poetry, letters, essays, stories, lyrics. You name it.

         After completely locking away this part of my being, five years ago, I left what I thought I should be doing and started doing what my Soul wished from all its depth. I faced uncertainty, pain and all kinds of obstacles but I was determined I would take the hard road and start by finding out Who I am, What I am, Why I am here.

I know. The Three Golden Questions

         During this time, I found also what I am not. In simple words, you either Listen to what the world has to say and offer and go on with its vision or you healthily rebel at some point and go exploring your real Path. You slowly give yourself to a Higher vision of things, clean your mind, work with Presence and Words. The great step into the Unknown. The Road-less-traveled. And yes, there are spiritual experiences along the way, there’s Guidance, but there is no “Keep your eyes on the prize”. L0oking for the Essence and Mastery. Quite the opposite of what we are taught day after day on this strange planet of ours.

Time Disappears, Limitations Dissolve

          You realize if you spend your whole Life or even lifetimes doing this work, it will be fine! Absolutely Fine. I know it’s not easy to listen to your own Soul if you haven’t done it for a while. Some people don’t and others dedicate their full attention and begin. This is why I write these Books. They are not meant for guidance, I do not market some Spirituality or system. The Books are simply meant for Inspiration and for Multiplying Love. There are certain inner movements, Ideas and ways of thinking outside the box.

Life is About Remembering

          My kind of people are those who take that Second road. And luckily enough, I am now Blessed to have met more than one of them along the way. People I would have never met if I hadn’t started this website, Writing or quitting Safety.

         I was a quiet child with almost no interest in regular games. Now I know, the best time to be like a child is when you are grown.  My interests were Reflection, Contemplation and Silence, The Sea, The Fireflies, The Stars, Painting and Writing.

       So, here we go. My gift was well-hidden inside the Quill, the Word. It’s where I liberate, untie or discover. This is what I give to you as well. A Place For Boundless Inspiration, where indeed you can – even for a moment or two, come Home.

I find that it is only Wonderful, Divine things that have no end

      The Word is a great Key and Endless Love. Whenever I tend to give up doing what I do, it draws me back, it invites me back in, it reminds me of the Core of Everything. There are Precious Things meant for you. They will find You and You will find them. This is both for You, and for Me. This Creative Writing place is just a glimpse!

Enjoy Reading & Most of all Enjoy Being Here!

Svetlina Trifonova

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