I feel like I was here a long, long time ago.

Life is remembering.

А Quill Of Ancient Silence, Poetry/First Edition 2018. Soon available in English!


I was born on the wonderful number seven

in’89 between two centuries in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

on a September morning beneath a dome of Light.

September is my favourite month. 

The soft sun warms itself in the ripe grapes.

The best time to be a child is when you are an adult. 

My gift is hidden inside the Quill, in the Word.

This is where I liberate, I untie and discover.

True work with the Word has no beginning and no end.

Only wonderful, Divine things have no end.


It’s a challenge to live as an inhabitant of a body.

Every attempt of Life is to make us virtuosos & creators. 

You can find your knees a little injured at times and yourself barely remembering

that you have known the essential before, 

but you will remember it and you will not even want to go to sleep, 

as you don’t want to forget.

The most wonderful thing is 

the same way you have forgotten things, 

you will remember them.

The more I live, the more I keep myself

from thinking I know much. 

I know very little.

Every day, I know less.

Out of all the books, my favourite one so far is the one we read the least.

There cannot be a more interesting book than the book of your life and my life.

It’s being read, lived and written in paralel.

The Word is a great key and an endless path, with endless love.

There are precious things meant for you.

They will find you and you will find them.

This is both for you, and for me.

©Svetlina Trifonova



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