Don’t go changing the world, remove yourself from the idea you have about it

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                  On the mental idea of change

              Every time we ask ourselves why is the world build this way, we are actually asking why are we build this way. The idea for change is being sold out as if it is bread. We gather in groups, we talk sweet things and then we act, believing that they will lead to a certain result. I rarely hear someone with a rounded perception, with a pure tongue, who understands that life is a flowing river, and the river doesn’t change mechanically. The easiness that we speak with for some change, which is unclear to us, shows we do not understand what that means. The inner world is not a concept, it is a reality, a complete, entire full reality, which is unreachable for those, who only aims to change the world outside. While he is changing outside, his life brings about more polarities, which of course, he will also try to change. 

What is it inside of you?

This is what I am asking today.

It is cloudy, or cold, hot, disappointed or ignorant?

Is it fresh or something has flown away, unobserved?

Is it a sunset or dawn is breaking?

What is it today?

I judge you for none of your answers.

You have the right.

To feel the way you feel.

And it’s not all your fault.

For some things, you are responsible,

and for others, you simply couldn’t do anything else.

They were pre-written.

I don’t know what is it like inside of you.

But I was dropped out.

Dropped from the ideas

that lead me to double trouble,

dropped from the complicated words

with numerous mental concepts

that don’t ever go further than the mental world.

What am I letting go through myself?

What is my little world like?

This is what I am asking these days.

What have I become a home to and what is right to kick out of my home,

where should I re-arrange and where should I change the interior.

Home is a sacred place, and let me tell you,

I carry this place with me, wherever I go.

I wasn’t always a good home keeper.

Like others, I allowed being evaluated,

to listen to what I was told without filtering and to trust

that everyone knows better than me, sees me better than I see myself.

How is it possible for someone to see me if one has not met with oneself, has not seen oneself?

I have just one message today.

Older than this world.

Do not think you will be seen for who you are.

That they will behave as they should, that they won’t test you.

That they understood your lessons or that they will protect your soul.

Believe, however, that what you carry inside will take you through the river.

There was always an impulse that no man can see,

as it is invisible, there is no price tag there.

Svetlina Trifonova


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