Do You Design Moments?

January and I, here we are.


     Together we sit.

I will pour the two of us one daily letter

and then proceed (to find what’s what).

     The word „Routine“ has been deleted

from my personal dictionary (possibly) forever.

  If anyone tries to convince me it exists,

I will probably just ignore him.


As a free person, I can always come and go,
Not caught in ideas of is and is not,
Not caught in ideas of being and non-being,
Let your steps be leisurely.

– Thich Nhat Hanh –


Nothing to hide.

Nothing to share.

We are what we are.

Ignorant, if you dare.

Don’t worry!

There are much

bigger faults than our own.

We are strong, full of power.

Power from the things we’ve outgrown.

Grow your Wings!

All the losses we’ve had,

I have blessed them,

so they make sense.

Be Small, be Still.

Be a Jewel of Oneness.

Sadness is a River

and also a Mist.

I won’t clear it.

Let it live.

As it let it,

it leaves me.


Svetlina Trifonova


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