„Heavenly“ by Soulmate – Music & Lyrics

Heavenly Music composed by „Soulmate“ ~ Diana Gadjonova – vocals, Evelin Demirev – piano and vocals, Ilian Kolev – guitar and vocalsLyrics by Svetlina Trifonova Now I wake up, Sitting on the edge of my dream.The Sun is washing the ocean,Our Sun is moving in. This Love is a Symphony, a Song for You and Me.I keep you inside my Heart, Ages can’t break us apart.Doesn’t matter who we used to be.I was alone, alone for so long.But this time I’m not afraid, Divine Love is my Soulmate.I was alone, alone for so long.I have so much to give –You are all that I need. There is nothing, nothing like the Light in your eyes. The Moon is running around us, bring me back […]

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